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Updated 3/1/2015

Download our Product Catalog for DVDs, books, assessments, posters, and charts that will help you assess and manage hand, visual, and feeding problems in children with developmental and learning disabilities. Or to have our catalog mailed to you, send your request in an email message, including your name and address. Or request the email version of the catalog as a PDF attachment for you to view and print in free Acrobat Reader. Please contact us by telephone: (651) 730-9004 or email:

FEATURED! All available on CDs: @ $25 each, for you to print unlimited copies for educational or clinical purposes.
For international buyers only, these files can be emailed (em) to you, with no shipping charges.
* C14cd or C14em: The Erhardt Developmental Prehension Assessment (EDPA)
* C13cd or C13em: The Erhardt Developmental Vision Assessment (EDVA)
* HP!cd or HP12 em: The Erhardt Hand Preference Assessment (EHPA)
* C23cd: The Visual-Perceptual-Motor Activities Collection


We produce and distribute a variety of materials for professionals working with children who have developmental and multiple disabilities. The company was founded in 1989 by Rhoda P. Erhardt, MS, OTR/L, FAOTA, an occupational therapist specializing in pediatrics for more than 40 years. Mrs. Erhardt received her B.S. in occupational therapy from the University of Illinois, M.S. in child development from North Dakota State University, and pediatric NeuroDevelopmental Treatment (NDT) training in London, England. Her curriculum vitae includes education, work experience, honors, professional affiliations, consultation contracts, and publications

Currently in private practice in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area, she has provided evaluation and consultation services to families, health agencies, educational systems, and national corporations, and published and lectured extensively throughout the United States and overseas on topics such as prehension (hand skills), vision, eye-hand coordination, and feeding problems in children with cerebral palsy, as well as handwriting and perceptual problems in children with learning disabilities.

The 21 video programs in DVD format describe normal and atypical development, assessment procedures, and intervention programs. All DVDs are shipped with a CD containing enclosures:
* suggestions for inservice procedures
* viewing and discussion guides
* reports or scored test booklets (if applicable)
* scripts for translation into other languages or for hearing-impaired viewers.
Other products (books, assessments, posters, activity charts, etc.) are correlated with many of the video programs.

Look for this symbol to indicate:
Products designed Especially for Parents.

FIELD-TESTERS NEEDED! We are seeking volunteer field-testers for a new assessment, The Erhardt Learning-Teaching Style Assessment (ELSA), which is designed to:
* Identify learning styles (visual, auditory, and tactile/kinesthetic) of individual children
* Help teachers, therapists, and parents select optimal strategies for teaching new skills in schools, clinics, and home environments, and
* Evaluate results of the selected intervention strategies to either maintain or modify them.

To apply, email with "ELSA Field Test" in the subject line, and your name and preferred email address in the message. You will then receive a return email with three attachments:
1. The ELSA, to print as many copies as you need in single or double-sided letter size page format,
2. A link to a newly published online article about the ELSA, The process of creating a learning-teaching style assessment: A checklist for documenting observations and teaching strategies, and
3. The Field-Test Feedback Form, which should be returned after you have used the assessment with one or more children.

Your feedback will be used to refine and revise the instrument during 2015, for publication in 2016. At that time, you will receive the final version for your own use, and acknowledgment in a future journal article reporting the results of the field tests

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