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The Erhardt Hand Preference Assessment (EHPA)
The EHPA is available on a CD: HP1cd @ $25 for you to print unlimited copies for educational or clinical purposes:
For international buyers only, these files can be emailed (em) to you, with no shipping charges: HP1em @ $25.

The EHPA measures components of handedness, which emerges through the developmental process during the first 5 years of life, and is usually well established by 9 years of age. It is organized into four sections:

Section 1. Exploratory/Sensory Movements
Section 2. Gestures
Section 3. Functional Tasks (Power, Precision, Power/Precision Combination
Section 4. Hand, Eye, Ear, Foot, and Mouth Congruencies

The 8-page booklet includes instructions, description of materials, administration, and scoring procedures. The EHPA is designed for professionals to analyze the hand preferences of children with disabilities, in order to plan therapeutic and educational intervention in response to questions from teachers and parents.

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The videos Normal Components of Hand Preference; Emerging and Mature Hand Preferences and Congruencies, and Factors Influencing Hand Preferences in Persons with Disabilities are correlated with the assessment.

* Glossary of Hand Preference Terms
* FAQs about Hand Preference
* Hand Preference References (free pdf download)
* Documentation of Hand Preference Chart (free pdf download)
* Development of a Hand Preference Assessment (presentation poster)
* Emerging and Mature Hand Preferences and Congruencies (presentation poster)
* Prehension Videos

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