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This page lists materials concerning hand function in children with and without disabilities.

The Erhardt Developmental Prehension Assessment (EDPA) is designed to measure components of arm and hand development in children of all ages and cognitive levels with developmental disabilities. It can be used to identify intervention needs, modify programs with ongoing assessment, and provide accountability with retesting. Download a sample page (Grasp of the Pellet).
The EDPA is available in CD format, for printing of unlimited copies for educational or clinical purposes:
* C14cd @ $25
* Spanish version: C14Scd @ $25
* Japanese version: C14Jcd @ $25

Developmental Hand Dysfunction: Theory, Assessment, and Treatment, C20 @ $75
A free reproducible CD containing the EDPA is included with the book.

This second edition continues to follow the case studies of three children with erebral palsy (spastic, athetoid, and flaccid), demonstrating how their development includes both normal and atypical prehension patterns, and the importance of their hand skills in home, school, and community environments 10 years later as they grow into young adult. It includes:
* Normal developmental hand patterns and atypical variations
* Administration of the Erhardt Developmental Prehension Assessment (EDPA) and the EDPA-S (short screening form)
* Current theoretical concepts, with clear examples for each case study
* Sibling interviews
* Updated sample assessments
* Treatment ideas
* Progress notes
* Individualized educational, transitional, and service plans

* Prehension Videos
* Developmental Prehension Sequence Clusters, a 2 x 3 foot poster, available in color or black and white
* Prehension Stickers and Booklet, 960 drawings of hand grasps that can be applied to evaluation reports and progress notes
* FAQs about hand function
* Childhood Intervention to Insure Functional Hand Skills for Occupational Performance throughout the Lifespan (presentation poster to be downloaded)

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